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is creating Post-punk laptop rap, lit-hop, ska, punk and comedy songs!
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- Welcome to the MC Lars Music Fan Club! I'll be releasing two tracks a month consisting of new songs, acoustic versions of fan-favorites, cover jams, parodies, or collaborations with friends. Either way, you'll be getting the songs before anyone else.  Some songs will only ever be available here and who knows, some songs may end up being the fan-favorite on the next album!

- Copies of Lyric Sheets and Drawings!  Do you remember the feeling of opening up a record, cassette, or CD and seeing the actual lyrics, liner notes and art designed by the artists?  (Spin Doctors's fans, I'm talking to you!)  This was a BIG thing for me and we're going to bring that freshness by including digital copies of the PDF lyric sheets for each release, including cartoons and other doodles.  I'm really excited about this part and hope you guys are too! 

- Enjoy Your Access to the Exclusive Patreon Activity Feed (posts, vlogs, etc...) and Welcome to the Lartian family!
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- Instrumentals and Acapellas!  For the budding musician who wants to go deeper "behind the scenes"!   Now is your chance to make your own remixes of my work, rap over my beats, or reinterpret my new songs in anyway you want!  Exclusive only to Patreon fans.  These special elements will only be available here,

- "Behind the Scenes" Video!   I will release a Patreon-only video that shows the making of each song released, exclusive stories and footage in the studio, conversations with the camera of what inspired them, and insights the recording process was like, from concept to master!

- Song ringtone!  Patrons at this level will receive an mp3 ringtone for each new song!  You've got a lot of nerdy friends who need their own alert that isn't "Sonar", get it homies!!

- Nerd Rap Haiku!  When I'm not writing rhymes, I enjoy the ancient Japanese art of the haiku!  Each song will come with a haiku / video about the song, available only to the Patrons.  Stay tuned for the magic of the seventeen syllable adventure.

- Personal Download of Every Music Video I Release!

- Includes everything at the $2 pledge level!
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- Access to a Annual Live-Stream Performance from the Studio in San Francisco!  Once a year I'll be holding an 45-minute long concert streamed live from my studio in California for all Patreon members pledging at this level. I'll be including the new songs written and distributed here, fan-favorites and a few freestyles to keep things spicy.  Since Lartians are all over the world, we'll be doing our best to make sure we broadcast this at a time that works for everyone, as well as archive it for later viewings.

- Upcoming Book Preview (Studio Diary)!   At this level, along with every song, I will share a private diary entry with stories that relate to the conception of that song, including insight into recording process, things I learned in the studio and any anecdotes that might give more insight into the track's creation.  These pieces will eventually be part of a book I am publishing about my journey in the music industry, but you will get everything way ahead of time, along with each song!  Super cool and literary.

- MC Lars Ringtone Pack!

- Annual Exclusive MC Lars Music Fan Club Sticker and Button Set!

- Personal Thank You Video!

- Includes everything at the $5 pledge level!




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About MC Lars

Who Is MC Lars?

My real name is Andrew Nielsen, but I'm better known to the internet as the rapper and producer MC Lars.  I helped pioneered the genre of nerd rap in 2003 and have spent the past 13 years as an independent artist touring music venues, comic book stores and lecture halls around North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, spreading the geeky gospel of hip-hop with songs about the best classic literature, video games, advancements in tech, social media and popular culture!  

I've released 5 full-length albums, 6 EPs, one mixtape, three compilations and dozens of music videos, and have had a tons of fun doing it.  I want to release even more exciting, topical, regular content for my fans, while providing them with exclusive songs on the regular.  Thus, I've partnered with Patreon by creating the MC Lars Music Fan Club!  Welcome!  

Why Should I Pledge?

I was inspired by the folks at Patreon to use their platform in launching the brand new MC Lars Music Fan Club.  Those who pledge will have a proprietary glimpse into my songwriting process in that you, the loyal Lartian (Lars fan) will have access to my music before anyone else does and can join me on the songwriting journey that I'm always on in-between official album releases.  I'll be releasing two-songs a month, consisting of new songs that may or may not appear in the future on an official album release, acoustic versions fan favorites, and fun cover or parody songs.  I do a lot of writing in-between albums and this is your chance to be part of the MC Lars stream of lit-hop consciousness... however random that stream might be!  Think of this like a musical blog, or a "Netflix for Nerd Rap" (as my friend Kirby Krackle would say, props to him for his inspiration launching this, please check out and support his Patreon here).

What Are The Pledge Rewards?

Besides new songs, I'm offering options for unprecedented levels of access into the world of MC Lars with benefits including new songs, PDF copies of original hand-written lyric sheets, monthly live-streams, digital copies of my entire discography, custom songs, opportunities to hang with me in San Francisco while we record new albums, exclusive MC Lars merchandise, and much more!  Take a look and we're confident you'll find a level that works for you!

What Does My Patreon Pledge Go Towards?

With your support, I'll be able to continue to keep the nerd rap engine firing on all cylinders by putting your pledges towards more full-length albums, music videos, convention appearances and touring both solo or with my full band.  As an independent artist, it takes a lot to keep creating regular music, and by becoming a patron, you will become an important part of the process!

Thank you so very much for your continued support!  It's been an amazing journey so far, and I'm excited to try something new.  Looking forward to having you along for the ride.

Let's go hard!  (On that tetrameter)!

MC Lars

$899 of $1,800 per song
When the Lartian family and I reach this goal, I'll be able to invest in some video equipment to make more videos for my songs, and improve the production level of my YouTube channel.  I would love to go from making a few videos for album to doing a video for every song I ever release.  You can help us get there!
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