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The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Stories about dinosaurs getting punched. Other stories too, I guess.

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All new free book!
$3,000 per month
I've been writing a full length Dr. McNinja standalone comic that is not going on If we hit this level, I'll give the e-book to ALL PATRONS for free. This will take a while to draw, but if you donate at the $5 level, you get to read the pages as they get done in the patron feed!
Well this seems serious
$4,500 per month
You want to get nuts? Let's get nuts. At this level, will have four pages a week, instead of three.
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FIVE comics a week.
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I'm the creator of the Adventures of Dr. McNinja! I've got a degree in Cartooning from the School of Visual Arts. I've written Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe, a bunch of Deadpool comics, and worked on Dig Dug and Galaga comics for Shiftylook. You can find me at the Magnet Theater on Wednesday nights, making up live comedy with my improv team, Zeppelin. I live in Brooklyn with my wife, Carly, and our dog, Commissioner Gordon.


Brooklyn, NY, USA

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The Goods
$1 a month: A warm and fuzzy feeling

This is a pretty terrific way to support a month of comics, especially if you get it through RSS or with Adblock on. Thanks, chum! If the wallpaper and/or e-book get unlocked you get to have them! This also grants you access to a warm and fuzzy feeling for supporting the art and comedy you love. (MINE. MY art and comedy)

$5 a month: Behind the scenes and bonus content

This takes you behind the scenes. I'm constantly working on other projects, and this will give you peekin' rights. In fact, right NOW I'm working on ANOTHER Dr. McNinja story NOT for the website. You'll get the first look at every page! It's like a SECOND webcomic. If people are into this, I might do even more comics this way. There's also illustrations, scripts... whatever I'm doing that I'm legally allowed to show you. All in the locked $5 patron zone.

$10 a month: Sweet cyber hangs

Virtual hangouts! Once a month we'll do a live hangout. I can draw. You can ask questions. Fun times.

$50 a month: Original Art

I'll send you one piece of Dr. McNinja original comic art that I have deemed super cool and suitable for framing.

$100 a month: Christopher's Curator Club

GOSH, friend. You must REALLY hate your money. Well that's okay! I can turn it into something fun. Every month I'll mail you a surprise package, something that I have found inspiring, entertaining, or awesome! It might be a book, movie, video game, or like... a coffee mug? (It's happened) This is also a nice way to make sure you get physical copies of anything I happen to be involved in.

What's all this about
I'm Christopher Hastings, and I've been writing and drawing the Adventures of Dr. McNinja since 2005, and I've also been putting it online to read for free that whole time! I'm hoping to get enough support that I don't need to get other jobs, and keep Dr. McNinja my creative priority, and even give me the freedom to work on other neat things for your consumption. It will take some burden off colorist/blood expert Anthony Clark too!  If you've never read Dr. McNinja before, I have made a web page just for you.
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