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You are a true Borrp, small but mighty and I am grateful for your support. Borrps get access to my raw sketchbook scans, sketch warmups and discord streams.
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You are a Blorrp. In addition to the previous tier, Blorrps get access to sketches, basic process and current comics in hi-res.
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You beautiful Blorghorp you! 

In addition to the previous tiers, get access to detailed process posts for various comics/drawings.

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About mcnostril

Hello! I am mcnostril: former animator, storyboard artist and the bane of croissants everywhere.
I have been doing freelance animation-related things for TV and film for around a decade, but the thing that started me on this art path was comicsVery silly comics. And so to comics I have returned.

I am currently making a comic called Beach WZRD about a witch, a wizard and the beach they are standing on while they shout at each other and something occasionally goes bzart. It looks like this:
I am doing this full-time at the moment, which is unfortunately not the most financially viable thing yet, so beyond the first few chapters the future is uncertain.

That's where you can help! Every sweet sweet dollar you give me means I get to keep doing this for as long as possible without having to stop and take freelance work, ideally until I can have enough chapters done to put together into a fancy book wot gets printed.

You get to read pages as I make them (which is generally 5 a week-ish), along with all the process and musings that go along with that (also there's a Discord! It is not a very talky Discord, but more of a place where I post even more screenshots of whatever I'm drawing and occasionally stream inking).

There's also concepts and sketches from other stories I'm working on, and a whole slew of shorter comics already done all with their own process posts. Seriously, posts for days. Plus whatever other bits and bobs I get up to in my limited spare time (usually it's fanart or more comics about some video game no one else likes). 

Here's where else you can see the sort of things I do ('cept there are more on this here website,and they contain more pixels!):

My official website is currently exploded, but soon* it will be unexploded.

*Sometime this century for sure.
$562.60 of $600 per month
Regular sketch stream or something. I occasionally stream on Discord, but this time I will take Requests® from chat (then you can watch me fail miserably at them).
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