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About Matthew

I'm a freelance writer whose interests are many, including but not limited to: video games, comics, pop culture, and social justice. 

I contribute to Digitally Downloaded and on a volunteer basis, and continue trying to shore up sources for paid freelance work. That said, most of my writing is for my own site, Shindig, which I launched last year.

Shindig is a pop-culture blog covering games, comics, collectibles, tech, and anything else that takes my fancy, but with an aim towards a more personal approach, and more socio-political and literary analysis. I'm interested in how pop culture intersects with the wider world, and in unpacking just what it is that make these things work - or not work, as the case may be.

The reason I'm seeking support on Patreon is because as a freelancer, jobs can be sparse. I have a stable part-time job that mostly pays the bills, but I'd much rather be getting paid to do what I love - which is writing.
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Shindig's current visual design is all my own work, which is why it's so basic—I'm far from a designer.

I hope to hire an actual designer to create some imagery for the site and make it much nicer on the eyes. A milestone of $20 per post will allow me to do that.
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