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When you Pledge to this Tier, you will be able to see what the first tier see's, as well as fully finished pictures!

When you pledge to this Tier, you will see:

-Everything from the first tier

-Fully finished pictures/detailed sketches ((Mostly) nsfw and sfw)  

-My infinite love for you

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Hi! i'm Siggy and I like making comics, ocs, and nsfw stuff!

I am making a webcomic called Various Everythings, a slice of life that is about a young male witch named David, his demon boyfriend, Mathias, and demon girlfriend, Seirath. It takes a look into their past experiences and how they grew up into how they are in the present. The comic goes back and forth in flashbacks for each character in certain parts of their lives. Small comics will be made to fit in between parts of the comic that can be shown in some flashbacks as well. 
The setting is in modern times with magical creatures and lots of fantasy aspects put into it as well.

You can find and read the comic on Tumblr and Tapas!

There are also nsfw comics of the main characters that can be found on Here if you pledge and on my Gumroad!

I will always post my finished comics on here for my pledges! 

I post comic previews, sketch and doodle dumps, finished pictures and finished comics of my webcomic and my gumroad comics!  I will post the sfw stuff for everyone, while Nsfw stuff stays behind the Patreon wall for the ones who pledge to me!!

Thank you for reading, and thank you if you considered to pledge to me! <3
65% complete
This will help me have a livable income for me and my family and will help me continue with making my webcomic and mini comics, aside from other original stuff and fanart!
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