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Congratulations!  You are now a part of the family.  With your dollar you are helping crowd source an independent record label that produces thoughtful hip-hop music.  Your perks include:

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  • Ability to offer input on how we run Everybody's Hip-hop
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Your perks include:

  • All the music we produce 
  • Behind-the-Scenes video content
  • Monthly curated list of boombap hip-hop releases
  • Ability to offer input on how we run Everybody's Hip-hop
  • Bragging Rights- We will give you credit for every album we release. 




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About Everybody's Hip-hop

[ATTENTION: Become a member for any monthly amount and we'll e-mail you MC TILL'S new album with the instrumental version and mail you a copy of the CD]

Greetings friend!!!  Thank you soooo much for checking out Everybody's Hip-hop Label.  We are so glad you are here. 

Do you remember the first time music took you to another place? It captured you in such a way you forgot about this world? It wrapped you up and connected with your soul? Do you remember the first time this happened to you?

We sure do. My name is Adam Hayden (MC Till) and for me it was “3 Ft High and Rising” by De La Soul.  For my buddy Joe Thomas (Joe November) it was "The Low End Theory" by A Tribe Called Quest.  And for our friend Michael Stover (Sto the Last) it was "Shades of Grey" by Braille. These albums were just the first to capture us beyond parallel, but they wouldn’t be the last. The three of us have gone on to soak up as much Hip-hop as possible. There is something about Hip-hop music that inspires and enthralls us like no other music or art form. Hip-hop is special to us.

So, we want to be special to it. The three of us have been creating Hip-hop and studying it and writing about it and discussing it for over a few decades. Now, we want to offer our enthusiasm, skills, and Hip-hop devotion to Everybody’s Hip-hop Label and we want you to join us.

Everybody’s Hip-hop is a community-funded record label dedicated to the creation and distribution of thoughtful Hip-hop music. This isn’t about egos or getting rich. This is about striving to create music that inspires and entertains. It is about creating experiences for people to enjoy.  And you can help make that happen.

We invite you to join Everybody’s Hip-hop Label as an executive producer. Generally speaking executive producers make sure artists have all they need to create their art. Typically this includes thousands and thousands of dollars. But, Everybody’s Hip-hop Label relies on the community not one or two wealthy individuals. You can join the movement for just a dollar a month. You can help decide which artists we work with and you can submit samples for beats. You can become an essential part of this movement. We need you. And if you jump on board you get all the music we create (past, present, & future) at no additional cost and you get it way before the general public.  Currently we are working up to releasing a tribute song every month and four extended projects every year.  You will get all of that, but more importantly you will help make it happen.

So what do you say? Want to join the team and help create lasting memories for others?

Adam, Michael, & Joe

Adam Hayden
Alias: MC (Till)
Status: Manager, Co-Producer, Okay Guy

Michael Stover
Alias: Sto the Last
Status: Publicist, Writer, Great Guy

Joe Thomas
Alias: Joe November
Status: Co-Producer, Funk Flexer, Another Great Guy
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