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About mdWade

Hi there. I make music and games, sometimes. I really enjoy doing both of those things, and being able to make a career out of it is a dream of mine.


For my music, I tend to vary almost everything I do. I like the general sound of synths but I can't say I'm a fan of a specific genre. My favorite synth is an easy choice, though: GENNY, developed by Landon Podbielski, is a recreation of both the YM2612 and the Genesis/Mega Drive PSG. It's very accurate and has a ton of features. For my games, I like arcade-y type games with high skill levels, and games that manage to tell a unique story.

I've been making music and programming for three years now. I've had a fun and made a lot of neat things. I'd like to monetize my work but I would like to keep it free to the common consumer; hopefully, this Patreon will help achieve that goal.
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