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Books and special magazines inform about the current art market. Market meaning not only the monetary world but also upcoming shows, global and local discussions on art, artists and exhibitions.

Thanks to your generosity, I will be able to read and stay informed.

To sustain this knowledge I offer to write about news and books which inspire me and why I think those are important for me and you.

This way you receive a concise summery of art talk relevant to my artistic practice in form of a newsletter or blogpost here on Patreon, probably every 2 month.

(Note: plus 19% VAT is applicable and can be deducted  from your next tax declaration or as a donation, as far as I know). 

Art world political
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Thanks to your generosity I can remain a member of the following artist networks/Künstlerverbände: 

1. sculpture network 

brings together artist working with 3Dimensional art. What I like most about this network is it's ability to let every member feel personal known and welcomed. Especially the Berlin regional group.

The network helped me a lot to gain a foot in the art world in Germany. What I wish most is to have more time to invest in this network, coordinate and host artist and art curious network meetings, art talks in Berlin specialising on three dimensional art and studio visits

2. Kinder - Kunst - Karriere

a network of parenting artist paving a way for artists to gain recognition as both: an artist and a father/mother. The difficulty of combining art and raising children often ends in an either/or situation for adults, as the current art system doesn't allow for both, especially in Germany. The discourse is lively and honest and actively changing the current conditions for parenting artists in Berlin as a starting point and in collaboration with a similar network in Munich. 

3. BBK Berlin

Berufsverband Bildender Künstler Berlin: The association of professional visual artists provides services and information for artists, as well as promoting their interests through its political work.  This for me helped me meet other artists, join valuable workshops and conferences and gives me discount in art shops and for entry fees. 

Art works in the Making
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With your gratitude I will have all the time I need to create new works. 

There are several works on my mind right now while writing this and many more to come.

For example would I like to dive into the topics of the main newspaper of a country. Usually this is a very loud paper stating all sorts of news with bright colours and strong words. 

Called BILD, Daily Sun, B.Z. or Huriyet to name but a few. 

  • What appeals to the reader?
  • What do they look for? 
  • What's similar in different societies? what's different?
  • How does one feel after reading it?

Also, my series of teabag works is still on top of my mind and needs further development, the feathers I collect want to be used for a new work and wax is waiting to be melted for a life size new sculpture. There is for sure lot'S of work to be done.

In return and to join me on my journey you will receive:

  • updates on my current projects
  • pictures of the making and 
  • gain insight into the practice of my thinking

in form of a monthly/ bimonthly newsletter into your inbox or blogpost here on patreon.




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About Meandmyhands - Katharina Forster

Thanks for being here and spending your time getting to know me a little more.

I have created this Patreon profile to share my artistic practice and to show you ways of interacting and participating.

First, I'd like to mention why and how I make art. As an interdisciplinary artist I work in sculpture and installation using everyday materials such as used teabags, candle wax, colourful plastics and others. Others might include empty birds nests, 1-Euro cents or pacifiers and disposable diapers.

I am intrigued by the diversity and interconnectedness of our world today.
How whatever we do today, no matter how small or big, affects others on an immediate and global scale.
Thus, I like to draw connections between different topics, which reflect in my work through my choice of materials and technique. It is the work with my hands which eventually brings the whole sculpture or object together.
Finding my inspiration in everyday life and it's global relevance, I am guided by a strong sense for creating a sustainable and peaceful life and caring for nature.

With Patreon, I wish to pursue more of what I am good at: Working as an artist and sharing my work through
  • exhibitions
  • projects
  • public events
  • participation
  • sales
  • online platforms
Obviously all this requires time and space. Both often rare, it is with your generosity, that I am able to do more, and better, of what I already do:
  • Projects that strengthen awareness of sustainability issues
  • Projects focused on a peaceful life (more empathy amongst humans)
  • Aesthetic beauty created through the use of discarded and found materials
You'll find different tiers to choose from according to your likes, favours and resources.
As a Patreon you'll receive benefits no-one else will receive and which I list here, dependent on your chosen amount and frequency:
  • In any case, whether you decide to only pay once or sign up for a longer time: I will send you a personal, hand written Thank You card!
  • LAUNCH SPECIAL: until the end of September 2019, everyone who signs up on Patreon will receive an additional set of 5 postcards! 
  • if you sign up for 6 month or longer, you receive a tailored art guide through your favourite city or destination in average every 6 month on request. I will compile a list of 3 max 5 arty places to go to where you are. This will be sent to you via Email or any messenger as itineraries. 
Please have a look at my tiers and feel free to contact me, really, to ask whatever question arises.
Thank you!
Katharina Forster

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When I reach $550 per month I know my studio rental including all extra costs is covered and I can focus more peacefully on my art making.
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