Maury Elizabeth Brown

is creating a book: Making a Better World through Larp

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Thank you! You'll get access to my blog where I write about navigating poverty and self-sufficiency and the social "safety nets" of the United States. May also include random observations. Plenty of candor, analysis, and pith.


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You are awesome! Thanks sending the $3 my way when you could have gotten a Starbucks Espresso. I'm basking in your support and sending you a caffeinated hug. 

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You rock! You just supported me instead of getting that Pumpkin Spice Latte (no whip, soy). I'm buoyed by your enthusiasm and sending you a caffeinated and sugared hug!




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About Maury Elizabeth Brown

I am working on my dissertation, which is a study of how using feminist principles in live-action roleplaying game design can create cultural norms of inclusivity and equality. I have passed my comprehensive exams, and am working to finalize my prospectus and then finish my dissertation, and you will help keep me motivated to do it! I'll be the first person in my family to earn a PhD, and it's something I've put off a long time in my life in order to raise two children. Now is my time to meet this goal and reach this milestone! I hope to be finished by May 2018. 

I'm one of two lead game designers for New World Magischola, a blockbuster larp set in a new magical universe for North America. NWM was written to test these principles of game design and seeks to develop a community culture and larp ethos around player autonomy, value, and consent. 

I will be working to turn my academic dissertation into a publishable manuscript that contributes to the literature about larp and roleplaying game theory. I'll also be working on making the writing accessible to a non-academic audience. :)

In between some more official posts on my work analyzing data and discussing rhetorical theory of fiction writing and game design, I'll be writing some informal posts that help develop my thinking -- and which will need comments and feedback from you, the readers! I may also write about being a female game designer, in general about larps I've studied or attended, or principles I am chewing over.  There will be some New World Magischola developing content for patrons of a certain level.

I appreciate your interest and support in these topics and in helping keep me motivated and on target!

I plan to post about two times a month, because part of this gig is for YOU to help me stay on a schedule and to GET THIS DONE. So part of your support is to cheer me on in this huge endeavor! Thank you!

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