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        About mauge

        I'm a mechanical engineering working on TMAQ, a small company located near Barcelona.  I'm developing Mechanical Blender as part of my job because we believe in open source applications and we must jump to 3D. Blender has a lot of power, although the official Blender Releases are not suitable for our work, as Blender Foundation and Blender Institute are focused on artists.

        So bringing CAD potentials to Blender we will have a tool that could be used for both, without needed to share data (exporting file formats usually) between applications, which means no data loss and no versions.
        $0.76 of $1,000 per month
        Half time developer working exclusively for the project.

        Development can be done for free, but usually costs money, because mostly everyone need money. Having dedicated developer(s) ensures target be accomplished.
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