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I've been writing articles about board games since 2005 at a variety of web sites, including Gone Gaming, BoardGameNews, and BoardGameInfo. At the start of 2012, I collected together many of my articles on a single site of my own: I'm still working on gathering some of my older articles, but to date I've got over 150 articles compiled, tagged, and indexed at my personal board gaming blog.

What are your Board Game Articles about?

I mostly cover the field of eurogames that originated with popular offerings like Ticket to Ride, The Settlers of Catan, and Carcassonne. In recent years I've focused a lot on deckbuilding games and cooperative games, but I examine much of the field — and sometimes go farther afield into popular American hobbyist games like Empire Builder.

Most of my articles discuss game design in one way or another, giving an insightful look (I hope!) at what makes games tick. I also frequently talk about new releases. However, I've also examined the portfolios of designers, talked with them in interviews, ranted about what I don't like in games, and even published a few strategy articles. I generally write about whatever strikes me in the field of board (and card) games.

I try to keep my articles in the range of 750-2,000 words, but sometimes they get away from me and end up being larger.

Some of my most popular articles ever including: "Six Degrees of Bruno Faidutti", which is about collaboration in game design; "Co-Op Interviews: Matt Leacock", which is about Pandemic and the Forbidden Co-Op games; and "Dissecting Dominion", which is one of my deck building articles.

How Often Do You Publish?

Generally, I try to publish every other week. If I get enough support, I'll increase that to once a week — which I plan as my current limit. 

I encourage you to make use of the monthly cap feature, so that you can choose to limit your total patronage as I go from biweekly to weekly (or even higher?).

Do You Write Other Board Game Stuff?

I may at some point decide to publish short news or other info through Mechanics & Meeples. I do also publish occasional board game reviews at RPGnet. I'll let you know about all of these articles through the activity feed, but none of them will count as official content for Patreon (which will consist of only my board game articles).

Why Should I Support You?

I hope that you'll support me if you enjoy the board game articles that I write. More patrons will give me more encouragement (and resources) for writing. I'll increase the number of articles that I'm writing, and I'll also be more willing to write more difficult articles that take more time. Finally, I'll be able to make purchases that will help me write articles.

If I'm really successful, I hope to eventually convert my articles to books. Though the PDFs won't be a part of the normal Mechanics & Meeples content, if you're an Omnivore or Sponsor, I'll send you a copy gratis. Even if you're contributing at a lower level, you'll know that you're helping to increase the amount of scholarly board game discussion there is in the world.
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I'll reprint at least one old article each month. These are articles written from 2007 to the Present for previous board gaming blogs. Many of them were written while I was blogging for BoardGameNews and are no longer available anywhere on the 'net.

These restored articles will not count toward official content, but I'll let you know as they appear via the activity stream.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts

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