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About Josh Moore @Josheroni_

Hey guys im josh
i never really
know what im making,
And I'll never know
if I can make something
cool, until I do
And maybe it won't
be cool, maybe it will just
be cringey
I'm just going to stick to what works
1) not being racist
2) act like a big pseudo-intellectual until some thinks im onto something
3) start a non
violent cult that isn't even really a cult, just some guys
that share spotify playlists in a groupchat
4) saying "thanks" "thank you" a lot

but here's what i have made: tweets, lego movies, minecraft stuff, clothes, edits, photographypostersvlogsinterviewsassaulting peopledocu mentariesshort films


here's a picture my friends took of me editing in the computer lab 

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