Federico Foderaro - Amazing Max Stuff is creating Max/MSP creative coding content

Video Tutorials

$1 /mo
Mostly Max/MSP video tutorials, from the basic to the advanced level! I am more proficient with visual programming but there's going to be also some audio goodies. 

Structured "Max/MSP for the Visuals" video lessons

$4 /mo
Video lessons and patches on how to use the Max/MSP software to work with video material. The main focus will be on generating 3D visuals with OpenGL. Every month a lesson or even more!

Utterly Cool Patches

$8 /mo
Incredibly cool Max/MSP patches and video lessons! Discount on any of my products: http://www.federicofoderaro.com/externals.html

Mega Support = Mega Patches

$20 /mo
Thank you so much for the incredible support! Hope you can find the patches for this tier useful and interesting. 

If you have been a Patreon of mine for at least 3 months with the 8$ pledge fee...