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If you support me at any level, starting at $1/ month, you get access to BACKCHANNEL, a blog dedicated to my writing process, here on Patreon. This will be distinct from my already extant FRACTAL INTERPOLATION newsletter, which has been repurposed away from anything about writing, and which has no guaranteed schedule of delivery. You'll get details about what I'm doing in my fiction and nonfiction writing, including glimpses into things that may or may not make the final edit as I figure out maps through these territories. I'd say "exclusive content" but some of these things may well be "exclusive" only in the sense that you get to shuffle through the piles on the cutting room floor with me, so, if that's your bag, hop on!


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If you sign up for $3/month, you get EARLY ACCESS to my newsletter, FRACTAL INTERPOLATION. You'll get it about a week before the general public, and I may make edits based on feedback, because I really will take any opportunity to tweak things far longer than I need to. So, not only do you get to see what's coming sooner than others, you also get to have a hand in the shape of the final product. You also, of course, get access to BACKCHANNEL.


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(EDITED 2017-03-04, see [here]( for details)

At $5 a month, you get access to FRAGMENTS. Often when I'm writing I will produce things that are of some quality but don't really have anywhere to go. Character sketches, scenes from stories I'm never going to write, scenes that I may at some point decide I need to write a story around. Depending on how things go, this is either early access to later masterworks, or things I will later vehemently deny having written. Either way we all win!




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About Steen Comer

Hello, and thank you for checking out my Patreon.

The modern world is strange. This is so obvious as to have become a truism. But it’s important, I think, to explore that strangeness. And, I propose to do that on at least a few levels.

First, I’m a writer of mostly science fiction. SciFi, and speculative fiction in general, is an essential tool for understanding the world we live it. It’s not prediction, no one remotely sane wants to be in that business. But it is a mirror, and as clouded and dark as that mirror is, it still offers glimpses of truth that straight reportage cannot.

I’ve had one short story published in The Puzzlebox Collection by Sockdolager, about a D-List Batman villain re-imagined as an Elizabethan serial killer. I have a few short stories currently looking for a home to be published, cautionary tales about Google Glass and tattoos vis-a-vis time travel. I have other fragments and screeds scattered about the networks. I have a Newsletter (which I encourage you to subscribe to, regardless of whether you back me here). My biggest project right now is a novel, about a courier being chased across a Europe where the weapons used in World War Three tore open holes in time, and World War Two has been leaking into the present day. If this is the sort of thing that appeals to you, you should probably reconsider your context within modern society, but, more importantly, you should also consider supporting my Patreon.

Because one of the strangest things in the modern world is the relationship between commerce and art. Our culture persistently devalues creative endeavors because they fall outside the narrow parameters of profit, but there are demonstrably many people who want the option to support the arts, in whatever form. Patreon, and systems like it, are a fascinating way to experiment with ways by which value can be given to the liminal ideas that fall out of the easy definitions of capital, yet which, I would argue, are essential to our survival as a species.

So, shall we explore the future together?
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My "day job" currently is working as a production tech in a nightclub. This means that the amount of work I have is fluid, based on the season, the tone of the industry as a whole, and other complexities. The bad side of this is that money is really uncertain, but the good side is that I can, to some degree, choose what work I take there. If I am getting $600/month from Patreon, that will allow me to cut back my time there to a minimal amount so that I can dedicate far more of it to writing. I've been sort of forced into an experiment of this recently due to aforementioned complexities, and, while starving is not fun, I've realized that it significantly allows me the time to do the things you support me for. If I can do that without starving, that'd be even better. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts

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