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Your patronage directly supports me, Brian James, in the creation and publishing of the Medicine Path Podcast and the ongoing development of a community resource library. Patrons get access to hours of yoga practice resources, podcast extras and more! Think of it as a mutual support system.

About Me
Hi! I'm Brian James. I'm a yoga teacher, transformational coach, integration counselor, and host of the Medicine Path Podcast. I lead the Montréal chapter of the Psychedelic Sangha, a growing network of misfit Buddhists and yogis exploring the intersections of spiritual practice and psychedelics. I just published a book on integrating yoga & psychedelics.

I've studied extensively with senior teachers in the Krishnamacharya/Desikachar yoga lineage and continue to study shamanism with teachers in North and South America. My current work is focused on re-pairing modern vinyasa yoga with the yogic principles that make it safe, effective, accessible and authentic. I continue to exploring the ways in which yoga, music and plant medicines intersect and complement each other. I live with my wife, an astrologer and herbalist, and our Boston Terrier (Kingston) in Montréal, Canada.

I believe that the best response to the troubles of the world is to embark on our own personal journey of healing, growth and transformation, and that the most positive and helpful action (activism) comes from a place of compassion, inner peace and clarity. I'm trying to do my part by sharing practices from the ancient traditions and making them relevant to your modern life, and by engaging in dialogue with elders and teachers on the medicine paths of yoga, shamanism, music and psychology.

So far I've self-published two books; created hours of instructional video and audio content; conducted workshops and retreats around the world; produced dozens of episodes of the Medicine Path Podcast; and now I’m hoping to support even more people on their medicine path through this resource library and community.

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