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Everyone who contributes is a wonder, but anyone who gives me this much a month or more can ask for something special. A poem, a small story, something interesting. I can't promise one every single month, but I'll do my best~




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When we last left our heroes, they were contemplating whether or not it was worth the effort and social anxiety to give a DM money. "But, surely this will change the game dynamic!" cried Sven from behind his tankard. "There's no way you won't be biased if you're getting money from people!"

"That's the key," said the mysterious bard, his eyes alight with a bright green glow. "It's a tip jar. Think of it as that. I won't be paying attention to it in the least." His fingers moved across the keyboard, notes and words appearing at once. "I am merely here to create worlds for you... Payment is optional. I perform for free."

At once the letters swirled into an open field, pink flower petals flying through the air around the patrons in the tavern. "And I won't just be DMing. I'll make sure you have interesting stories to read, rundowns of your worlds... And possibly more. The thing is, this is all just an experiment..." The petals swirled, moving the whole group into a crowded theater, where the bard took a bow. "... and you're in the front row." He purred, then smiled, his fingers stopping on the keyboard, and once more the group was in the tavern, spending their night in peace.

"So... Care to help?"
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At this point I'll be able to work on getting compendium items every month for the games, and will make sure I get all the 5e books at least... maybe more, if the option presents itself.
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