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The Story of Mediocre at Best
In 2017, We decided to start a band. What we didn't know was that this band would start us on the greatest adventure of our lives so far–an adventure that gets better every day.

Hi, my name is Aidan Dykstra and I'm going to tell you about Mediocre at Best. The band was started by my friend Braden Wolf and I. We played in our church band together, where I sang and played rhythm guitar and he played the drums. We worked really well together, and one day I texted him and asked him if he wanted to start a band. He obviously said yes. It quickly became apparent that I was not a very good guitarist. So within a couple of months, we added lead guitarist Chris Tibbetts.

Our First EP: Bittersweet
We practiced together and tried to write music for a while until Braden went to study elsewhere for a year. It was during this time that Chris and I began to really hone in our writing skills. We wrote a lot of music until we felt we were ready to record. We met with our producer James Sparks and began to record our first EP, which would be called Bittersweet. It was released on August 9, 2019. Braden returned toward the end of production and put some finishing touches on the drums.

At the very end of recording Bittersweet, we knew MAB was supposed to be more than a three-piece band, so we added Ryan Ramsey to accompany us live and in the studio on the bass guitar and Max Reis (who is known to everyone as "Pantry"), to take over rhythm guitar for me so I could focus only on singing. In early 2020 Braden needed to leave the band for personal reasons. Since then we have played live shows all over Minnesota and are planning to expand more!

What We're Doing Now
Bittersweet has now been out for a little over five months, and we are beginning production on our second EP. Along with this, we are working on a new line of merchandise for our fans. Starting a band and pursuing success in the music industry is not easy and definitely not cheap, that's why we have this Patreon! We would be super grateful if you could help support us so we don't have to take on the whole industry alone! With your support, Mediocre at Best will be able to reach heights we can only dream of, and along the way, you can get some really cool stuff!

Cool Stuff You Get When You Join:
-Unreleased Demos. Songs that we wrote and liked but didn't fit exactly what we were going for at the time.
-Behind the scenes content. Videos of us recording in the studio, or filming music videos!
-Sneak peek content. See new videos and music days before it gets released to the rest of the world!
-Personalized songs written by us, just for you!
-Lots more in the works that we hope to get to you soon!

So consider being a Mediocre Patron today! It's as cheap as $3 per month! It would be great to have you as part of the team that will bring Mediocre at Best to the next level!
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When we reach our goal of 50$ a month we will start a monthly podcast where we talk about all sorts of things from our music to others music to random stuff! It'll be awesome!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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