is creating a lifestyle community & event series
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positive vibes
per month

we both existed separately on the same sidewalk and mutually appreciated the sunshine we felt in that moment

  • we will read your name out loud, and, finding our hearing unobstructed, we will hear the name we have said, and smile 🌈 
  • all sur|real supporters will receive the sur|real new month newsletter.jpg available via text or e-mail 
brief eye contact
per month

eyes met for just a moment, after looking up at the same time, then we slipped back into our lives

  • after approximately thirty days of fleeting glances, three handmade sur|real pins arrive at your doorstep with little explanation 💌
  • the city in your mailing address will be considered for future sur|real events
  • plus all previously mentioned perks
elevated pulse
per month

we spoke for a minute or two, neither can remember what about, but it was different somehow 

  • one ticket per month to a sur|real event 🎟
  • plus all previously mentioned perks

💡currently events are scheduled in los angeles only, more cities to be announced

About sur|real

o  u  r      s  t  o  r  y

this community was created
by a couple of queer nerds in los angeles
who fell head over heels for each other
during pride twenty biteen 🌈

overcome with happiness
they were too distracted to notice
as the strongest foreshock in years shook the city
on the fourth day of july

despite having met only weeks prior
they were inspired to channel their love and bliss into an idea
but just before the first words were spoken aloud
they were interrupted by the ridgecrest earthquake

silently smiling at each other as the planet shook
the nerds agreed what they felt
and what they still feel
is nothing less than… sur|real

v  i  s  i  o  n

sur|real hopes to create a slightly happier planet
by creating a community
to reach those seeking magical connections
and designing unique spaces and event experiences
for these partnerships to grow and thrive

our idea for creating a happier world is simple
we know if more people are
     with their 👫 best friend beginning an adventure or
     with their 💼 business partner starting a project or
     with their💞 romantic partner creating a family
more people will be inspired to become the best version of themselves

we can only guess what world we will create

when a critical mass of happy people are doing their best
but we know it will be be a world with more good
     more compassion
     more listening
     more love
     & more magic

sur|real is the community & space where magical connections form

e  v  e  n  t  s

sur|real creates the tech
event space
and the occasion
to meet someone amazing
for a few minutes
or a bit longer

there is no way to know who you will meet
or what you will be inspired to create as a result
unless you meet sur|real for yourself ✨

j  o  i  n      o  u  r      c  o  m  m  u  n  i  t  y

sur|real is a community created on positive vibes
and by going all in on spreading our positive vibes
and empowering every single person we can
to join us for a sur|real experience
    to try something new but familiar
     & discover their own magic

sur|real is a bit different
we are not trying to sell you the answer
we recognize very clearly
that we all already contain our own magic

we recognize that when you meet someone
     who excites you
     who inspires you
     who motivates you

once you have these ideal counterparts
everything in your romantic life
or professional life
or personal life
falls into place

we were lucky enough
to find a soulmate
     business partner
     and best friend
in each other

with sur|real we can find yours too ✨

o  u  r      f  u  t  u  r  e

sur|real hopes to gain enough support to develop 
     sustainable eco-friendly home & office products
     yoga studio sessions & event space

sur|real is a community driven by our few but essential values
     love is love is love
     we will do what we can reduce and eliminate harm to our planet
     we will do what we can to heal our planet
     a planet with more love is a happier healthier planet
we will carry these with us every day
on our journey to create the world we have always wanted