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Laughing Forest

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About Megan Derr

I am a writer of queer fantasy romance, with occasional forays into UF/PNR and contemporary. I've been writing since 2000-ish and publishing since 2007.  My books range from sweet to serious, from fade-to-black to explicit poly, and every now and then I'll throw in something adventurous like tentacles. Mostly I write fantasy worlds where queer people get into trouble and fall in love (and being queer isn't an issue).

The purpose of this patreon is to give myself back my writing time. I take care of 15 cats, help run a publishing company, and also write, while dealing with fibro and sleep problems. Lately the writing has had to take a back seat to everything else, as I feel guilty ignoring everything else to write. Which isn't good for a writer. So I aim with this patreon to make writing something firmly scheduled and to be kept up with, so my stories get done in a timely fashion.

The additional income will also allow me to do more with my books - spruce up more of the older ones, do special editions of fan favorites, and if I earn enough even do more audio books. And whatever else I think of, or is suggested and doable.

This was how I first started writing - regular installments on Livejournal - so it's a format I'm familiar with and good at, and I've set my writing count at something I can easily manage each month.

Any and all support is deeply appreciated, thank you for stopping by, and all the love to those who sign up!

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