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I make quirky video games about cats, fedoras, and other such wonderments

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Milestone Goals
It's Article Time!
$500 per month
I like to write game design articles, and sometimes they're pretty popular, but they take a lot of time. If I can hit this goal, I'll have time to write one per month (when not crunching on a main project). Yay!
It's GAME Time!
$1,000 per month
I really enjoy game jams and making small goofy games, but they take time away from our main projects, and the results usually aren't marketable. This would let me make a small experiment every month or so (when not crunching on a main project). Sometimes I might even spend a few months on something bigger. Double yay!
Guaranteed Survival
$1,500 per month
This is my actual burn-rate per month. If I can somehow raise this much, it gives me a lot more flexibility in how long I can take per project, makes it easier to keep my contractors employed (since I'm not drawing from sales revenues just to stay alive), that kind of thing. Basically means we can safely make "bigger" games.


Was Senior Graphics Programmer on LEGO Universe, then founded Glass Bottom Games in 2011. Made Jones On Fire and Hot Tin Roof, now: Spartan Fist. I'm a queer tea-drinking punkish girl


Denver, CO, USA

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I'm the founder of Glass Bottom Games. That video you just saw? That's Hot Tin Roof, the game we just released on Steam/GoG/Humble. The next game we're working on is called Spartan Fist, and it's about punching dudes so hard they explode. Every scrap of money you pledge goes straight toward helping me make it be the best game it can possibly be. Once it's done, I'll move on to the next project, and the next, and with your help, I'll stay independent and able to control my destiny when I do it.

Why does independence matter?
I don't make games featuring bald, white male protagonists. I make games about lesbian private detectives with bigger balls than anybody else on the force. I make games about disowned cat heiresses, fighting to make an honest living in a world that assumes they're criminals because of their species. I make games about crazy cat lady firefighters (Jones On Fire, on Steam).

In short, I don't make normal games. They're quirky. Quirky is great if you're independent. But when you're not, and have to talk to a publisher, and take their money, the quirky bits are usually the first to go.

How do Patrons help me make better art?
Check out Amnesia Fortnight. It's where DoubleFine gets all of their awesome ideas, and it's part of why their games are so good. The thing is, an event like that is expensive. I don't have much time between projects to just experiment and figure out what to do next, I kind of have to launch straight in to the next sellable project and hope the idea is sound.

Those goals up there? Those are my Amnesia Fortnight. They let me take time to experiment, try weird ideas, and maybe, something from one of those sparks into our next big project. Even if it doesn't? Hey, you get to see me make more awesome, weird, probably unsellable artsy games.

Am I the only person behind Glass Bottom Games?
No, absolutely not. There's 7 of us, and some of us (like me) are fulltime, and some are part-time, and some we just call on for a few bits of work per year. The above art and video reflects the contributions of the entire team, not just me.

(For the moment, I'm the only one on the team experimenting with Patreon, but if and when others make their own, I'll add them here)

What do I do when I'm not making games?
If I'm not actively working on a game, usually, I'm being active in the community. I run CiGDA (a group that promotes independent game development in Colorado), I talk on panels about game development et al, and I've even run a booth at a career show aimed at showing young girls that they can make video games too!

I also hike the flatirons a lot (it's a Colorado thing - it's also cheap exercise), and eat a lot of spinach, and drink a lot of tea. The rest of my time is playing games or reading. Basically, I'm a giant geek.

Why am I not offering specific rewards?
You'll note that there aren't any real rewards below. That's because we sell games, and frankly, it makes more sense to go buy one of our games. This page is here for those that really love the kind of stuff I'm doing, and want to support it in a different way. Whether you're that kind of person or not, though, I appreciate that you took the time to read this! So, from the bottom of my heart...

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