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About Megan Kearney

Thanks so much for your support!!

This Patreon functions as a tip jar for the work I create and distribute online for free (things like Beauty and The Beast, which has been available online for all since 2012, and clocks in at over 500 pages!) but it also features little bonuses now and then, like process breakdowns, timelapse videos, and peeks at concept art and unreleased work.

Your kind donations not only help me to keep making comics, they help with every-day expenses --stuff like printing costs and art supplies, but also things like groceries, diapers, and the occasional bubble tea for me! Comics isn't a lucrative field, and every little bit really, truly helps.

I'm deeply grateful for your patronage, and I hope I'll be able to keep making the stories you love for a long time to come!


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