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First Dibs

$1 /mo
Early Access Tier! New Prophecy of the Circle pages are posted here on the weekend prior to when the public gets to see them. You get to know the secrets before anyone els...

A Look Inside My Head

$2 /mo
There are considerably fewer brains involved in this one than one might expect...

You get everything in the $1 Tier, plus:

At this tier you get to see beh...

Watch Me Work

$3 /mo
You get everything in the $1 and $2 tiers plus you get to watch me draw just about anything and everything that will eventually make it to the public sphere. Here is where I post

World Building

$5 /mo
Everything from the $1-$3 tiers , plus

You get to see into the world building process for all of my various stories. Here is where I post character designs, environ...


Advanced Readership

$10 /mo
In additon to all of the goodies from tiers $1-$5...

This is where you get to read what I write as I write it, from all of my works, be they short stories...