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About Tze

Hi there!
I'm Tze (pronounced 'Chi') and have been keeping a comic diary called Mêh Blog since 2007. I'm also active on Etsy where I sell kawaii buttonsdigital paper and manga illustrations.
...Yeah, I draw a lot of stuff.

Mêh Blog has gained a loyal following over the years! I'm grateful to all the awesome fans who have supported me financially, my dear readers (send me a message!) and the people who have backed me in doing what I love. 🧡
We've reached the point where drawing supplies, ad-free hosting and comics are covered...HOLY CRAP! 😳Thank you!!!
Any extra support now will help cover expenses (rent/healthcare/food), helping me to get closer to becoming an independent illustrator so I can make more stuff for you!

If you feel uncomfortable with a monthly commitment (and monthly reward!), check out my Ko-fi page where you can drop me a coffee whenever you feel like it.


Q: What if I decide not to support you on Patreon?
Nothing: all content on Mêh Blog remains free, always. Thank you for reading! :3

Q: What will change for ME (reader) if I support you?
Shitloads! ...Well, at least some of the following:
  • More and better comics; (I try!)
  • No ads; (Reached!)
  • Faster loading times; (Reached!)
  • Exclusive content only on Patreon! (YES. This is a thing now.)

Q: What will change for YOU (Tze) if I support you?

  • Replacing pens before I have to use them to death, improving my drawings/handwriting; (Reached!)
  • Upgrading to better web hosting, meaning faster loading times; (Reached!)
  • More freedom to focus on what I love to create; (Getting ever closer and it's awesome.)
  • Feeling super fuzzy and happy! (Constantly! Best drug ever.)

When Mêh (original name) started in 2002, I wouldn't have dreamt it would run so long and reach so many readers. So again: THANK YOU! 🙇 I'll try my hardest to keep the blog running as long as possible.
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I'll post a comic for 10 consecutive days after reaching this goal!
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