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About Prax

Hallo! It me!
On Patreon!

Also known as Meibatsu, Prax, or Meibatsu-Prax.

Help make a cat's small money grow into a big money so she can continue her hijinx unabated by the constraints of being alive!

I do all sorts of things, but for the public, mostly art! But in the shadows, much more... DUN DUN DUNNNN! Become a Patreon Patron and Find Out What A Cat Do In The Dark.$

Every tier will allow you to see the LOCKED CONTENT that I happen to post here.

Some info about me:
Astro: Asc♉ ☉♌, ☽♌, ☿♍, ♀♌, ♂♏, ♃♑, ♄♏, ♅♐, ♆♑, ♇♎, ⚳♉, ⚴, ⚵♌, ⚶♌, ⚷♊, ⚸♓, ☊♊, ⊕♉
Enneagram: 5w4 (541 sp/sx)
Education: Honours Bachelors of Sciences (Specialist in Psychology, Major in Anthropology, Minor in Linguistics), Graduate Studies in Occupational Therapy (didn't complete the fieldwork to obtain my MScOT degree but my marks were otherwise good i swear lol)

If you don't feel like supporting me here, perhaps consider these fine platforms:
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I promise to do more fanart.
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