Mei Ohara is creating space music and art stuffs

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Become a space friend for access to the Patreon feed with updates and blogs!

Become a Space Fiend

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Receive a random song and photo each month you are a member! Sometimes may be unreleased/secret material or an exclusive demo of material in the works.

Digital Roadie

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In addition to the song+photo of the month from tier 2, you will receive access to the Mei Ohara exclusive snapchat story, where there will be behind the scenes shots, violin and music related advi...

Intergalactic Patron of the Arts

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Become an intergalactic patron of the arts to have your name included in the credits of any release that overlaps with an active Intergalactic Patron month.

You will also receive a d...


Partner in World Domination

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You will receive a mailed gift of physical goodies each month you are in on the plot for world domination (mwahahahaha)

Lower tier rewards included.