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About Melancholic_Griffin

Helo everyone! I'm Melancholic_Griffin yet another creator of adult  games.

Due to the abundance of such games I decided to highlight my project among them. I have chosen a
Futanari   as my main game feature. So, if you are fine perverts judges
of such things, then welcome.

For my first project I want to create a story based RPG which I invite you to try.
This game about a girl who who wanted to help with an important research by taking an experemental serum. And now she suffers from consequences of that. The game is created with RPG Maker VX Ace.
Visuals with TK17.

You can grab it here : Not so ordinary story v0.1

Why pledge?
Pledge if you like what I'm doing. Your support will help to improve a quality of my product.
Also it serves as a great source of motivation for me so I can create more exciting content for you.

#savefutas :)

As you can see the graphics in my game not as good as you may wanted. This is because my PC is a piece of junk from 2009. That's why I forced to use good old combo screenshot+photoshop instead
of rendering some sexy images for you. So the money that I can raise with your help will be spent 
on hardware which will cause a great graphic improvement.

$5 of $100 per month
I will add more sidequests with more scenes
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