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About Melanesian Priestess

Hi! My name is Weneiya and I am a Tarot reader, Psychic and Witch with a seasoned background in Astrology and Numerology as I have studied these all my life. I come from a line of psychic and magical women with deep roots in Melanesia. I have recently decided to follow my true passion and calling within the healing and spiritual field. I pride myself on my effort and ability to provide as much information to my clients during my readings. I make it a point to utilise as many forms of divination as possible during the reading and encourage discussion as it helps me connect better with each client. I am not someone who just talks at you. I am purely in this to help people help themselves, as this brings me the warmest sense of connection and fulfillment. Think of me as your big sis! I believe we are all divine, and I am just here to help you to remember your own divinity because sometimes we forget.

I make videos on tarot, psychic work, spell work, ancestral magic, spiritual topics and experiences, the occult, conspiracies and anything else that tickles my interest! If this takes your interest and you're curious- check me out on my other platforms to sample my content! If you decide it's something you enjoy, please don't hesitate to support me here on Patreon. I'm just trying make some $$$, support myself and do what I love. 

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