Melinda Ann Peterson

is creating body/mind practices based on Ancient Teachings & Modern Research
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Young Bodies & Minds
per month

God & Me Coloring Book teaches children about:

  • the Great Me (Spirit) and the little me (ego)
  •  Prayer and Meditation
  • Observing the world around them and on the inside of them
  • A guided meditation to be read during quiet time
  • Fun Yoga poses to learn & practice
  • Cute poems and drawings to download and color.
Start Your Inner Mind Journey
per month

Basic breath practices to  form a firm foundation for meditation.

  • 4-count breath
  • So Ham breath
  • Alternate breath
  • Pranayama
  • Bumble Bee breath
  • Pratyahara: purpose & practice

Guided meditations for  improving concentration & awareness

  •  Becoming the Witness
  • Awareness of Outer World & Inner Space
  • Candle Stare
  • Space Between Thoughts
  • Mind Practices 1 - 5
  • Resting the Body in Silence
  • Loving Oneself
  • Calming Agitation

Meditations for Expanding Consciousness

  • Ether meditation
  • Jupiter Connection

Meditations for Healing the Body

  •   For the Lower Body
Ahimsa Yoga
per month


  The Healing Power of Yoga - 3 hours workshop

 Gentle Restorative Ahimsa Yoga - (videos under 18 mins.)

  • Whole body warm-up: Standing
  • Whole body warm-up: Floor
  •  Neck, face, eyes
  •  Shoulders, arms, wrists, hands
  •  Hips


About Melinda Ann Peterson

     Expanding your awareness is life changing! It opens your mind to new possibilities. It dispels the power of old beliefs that are holding you back. Seeing the bigger picture allows you just "be" peaceful, as well as, move forward with a feeling of inner confidence and trust.
   For the past 35 years, I have provided tools and insight that assists people on their personal journey  through the Outer World and Inner Space. I myself started this journey over 50 years ago by delving into the ancient teachings of Eastern esoteric texts and combining study with meditation and Hatha Yoga practice. I have combined this knowledge with the latest research on consciousness. Now, through Patreon, I am offering you my life's work: practices and thought-provoking ideas that establish a format for self-observation through deeply listening, watching and engaging in your own life through the use of my creations. This journey will lead you to your own Inner Teacher by teaching you how to walk on your own path. Please join me in this journey to discover yourself!
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