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Hello :) ! I am a neuroscientist from Uruguay (linkedin/melnuesch), currently doing my PhD in Germany. We have a huge problem regarding availability of educational resources and scientific content in Spanish, especially for LatinX communities, for which I want to bridge that gap through my YouTube channel ("Mel Nuesch" it´s called). My Patreon is meant to raise money to be able to outsource editors, teachers and so on that gives me more capacity of creating and outreach, while also generating jobs in the LatinX community.

I lived my first 25 years in Uruguay and got my biology degree at the public university there, so I am well aware of the situation. I learnt English and could access online courses, books and materials that motivated me, opened doors for me and allowed me to perform well. The problem in these countries is that people that get educated on a topic and learn another language end up moving to another country seeking better opportunities, for which these countries end up having a problem in their growth and educational content creation and options. There are many bright minds that end up demotivated, frustrated and not able to pursue their passions just because of lack of resources in their language.
I was the first Uruguayan to get accepted into the International Max Planck Research School in Neuroscience, in Germany, which is a very prestigious program in Europe, and I got lots of teaching experience. On top of this, the pandemic times were very tough on my region. Universities don’t have the resources to go online so quickly, leaving students without support, which causes dropouts. Not only this, but some studies show there is more depression and related mood problems, and substance abuse. This is not necessarily due to not being able to study, but being able to keep up the study is a known protective factor. If the youngsters are engaged and working/studying, there is less time or opportunities to fall or relapse on these issues. So, I decided to use my knowledge and position to bring something back to my region, creating scientific content for the masses and open-source lectures available on YouTube.

The content can be divided into four categories:
  • Free neuroscience lectures. (I’m planning to expand to other subjects, if I get financial help, I can hire other professionals to do that for their specialties).
  • “Ciencia Cool” are short videos about cool scientific topics, such as “what coffee does to your brain”. I also pair it with healthy tips (such as, don’t take coffee during the evening if you want to sleep better), either by me or consulting with physicians or other relevant healthcare professional.
  • Interviews to LatinX scientists and tech professionals to give them visibility, and show the LatinX communities that their countries are producing cool stuff and bright minds. These are in Spanish, as the other two. "Ciencia Latina" series.
  • Interviews to non-Latin scientists from all over the world, because I didn’t want to stop there. It contributes to international collaboration, cultural capital, and also has a positive impact in those people’s countries communities, even though they are not my main target. These have Spanish subtitles, and the language is English. "International Science" series.

Please, support my endeavour and help me bring LatinX communities closer to education and scientific knowledge in general! Thank you for your attention and I also invite you to subscribe to my channel and follow me on my social media, which also contributes to my cause.
Best wishes,

Mel Nuesch
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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