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About me...
Hello! My name is Sky and I'm a full-time costume maker/wig stylist. I first entered the cosplay community about 5 years ago and while on my journey of discovering more about this unique and diverse hobby, I became completely fascinated by the art of costume and wig making. Wigs quickly became my main muse as my desire to learn and create only grew with each new project. Since I first opened wig commissions in the summer of 2019 I have styled over 40 unique cosplay wigs, both for myself and many lovely customers! 

Why Patreon? 
The more I started to make wigs, the more I wanted to share the techniques I have learned about wig styling with others. If you are at a loss about where to start styling the wig for your next costume (much like I was only two years ago), look no further! I firmly believe that with the right tools and willingness to learn, anyone is capable of styling beautiful and bold wigs for cosplay. For those willing to support my work, Patreon provides the perfect environment for me to share and for you to learn!

So lets make some wigs together and have some fun doing it!
Thank you so much for your support! ♡

Want to know exactly what you can be looking forward to by pledging? Click here to see my current project lineup!
(Currently unavailable as I am moving and on a brief styling hiatus. See this post for more information:
28 of 50 patrons
When I reach 50 patrons, I will start making in-depth digital tutorials that will be available on Etsy!

The content of these tutorials will be voted on by patrons and available for purchase to the general public. However, the "In-Depth Tutorial" and "First Priotity" tiers will receive free access!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 58 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 58 exclusive posts

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