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Hi. My name is Cato B. Hagen (a Norwegian dude) and my website is all about electric guitar playing with a focus on melodic soloing and phrasing.

I've been playing guitar for most of my life and I have always had a soft spot for great melody. Be it in classical music, orchestral movie scores, bluesy jazz or the heaviest of good old trash metal, great melody will always be something that inspires me. After many years of playing (while having a normal day job) I wanted to see if my knowledge about guitar playing can be helpful to others. will mainly be focusing on lessons around clean electric guitar playing and how to play melodic lines that follows the chord progression plus exercises that can be helpful if you are stuck in scale patterns and boxes, but the site will also have blog posts with helpful software and gear tips.

The website is now (as of this writing) brand new, but I think the video below will give a good indication for what is all about.

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