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About Mel Sayre

Currently releasing:

Status: Returning after PAX!
Personal Twitter (WIPs, Art, Rambling): @ZoravPOW
Official Twitter@priscorum
Official Email[email protected]
Greetings. Wilkommen. Bonjour. Ni Hao. Namaste. I'm so glad that some of you are visiting this little Patreon page. I can't voice how excited I am to have gotten to the point where I want to publish/send out my work, and I'm always thrilled by any person reading what I've produced.

To cut down what I do simply: I write, I photograph, and I occasionally dabble in sketching (and will hopefully improve in all three!). 

My dabblings nearly all fall in the society of Priscorum, a fantasy world hiding within the history (and future) of humankind, featuring creatures like dragons, elementals and humans that have no idea what's going on. I hope you're able to fall into it just as I did when I began putting it together. My writing mainly focuses on characterization and relationships between characters, but I'd like to say that I have some plot here and there to speak of.

My name is Mel Sayre - typical 25-year-old human with no extraordinary powers (other than being professional cat pillow). In my day-to-day, I'm an editor, while during the night, I'm a local coffee shop prowler. Many of you may know me under the gamer tag Zorav -- I'm an ArenaNet Creative Partner who works with organizing. I also run a writing and art Discord hangout called Scriptum - I'd love it if you joined us there! We talk about writing and art with both professional and aspiring writers and artists, give critiques, and host small events (such as Camp NaNoWriMo participation and the organized fan projects). 

My goal for being on Patreon is to:
  1. Share my work with all of you in a collaborative environment
  2. Give meaningful rewards to those that help me accomplish my dreams
  3. Work toward being able to do this as more than just as my night freelancing
I sincerely hope you'll join me on my adventure!

Part of the Patreon deal is that you get to hold me accountable. Over the last several months, I've put out several works, and hope to continue doing so! 

I'm currently reconstructing some of this due to the time that I now drop into the Creative Projects. I'll still be focusing on writing (and focusing on releasing some WIP snippets here and there), but there will be a less steadiness to it.

Rewards: For this "first quarter," I sent out custom-illustrated thank you cards (featuring artwork from The Cage from Landylachs) that happened in the first week of June. Second quarter had two postcards (mailed together) from The Sirens by rainlikestars (there are still some available - message me!)! Remember that $5+ Patrons get a free request once every 3 months.

The first chapbooks are currently being figured out; I apologize on the wait for that! :)

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With this goal, I'm able to put more of my time and effort into working professionally with artists and editors to produce more original work. As a reward for this goal, I'll spend some time to release an origin short story.
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