is creating Heavy/Relaxation Music Videos and Covers
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Hii, i'm Mel. I'm creating a home recorded music and videos or some covers for Youtube/Soundcloud and it's free for everyone around the world to listen to (except if the content is blocked for some country). And i'm a "one man" behind all project i've uploaded to MelSickScreamoAnnie pages.
I want to inspire people:  Everyone is able to make something as beautiful as ART as mine is music/videos without restricted feelings. Lack of facilitation isn't a struggle for me, i'll keep exploring and creating.

Important Things to Know Before You Started to Be Patron:
1.  I charged my Patron per videos
2. I published Maximum 4 video a month which means You'll be charged at least 1-4 times in a month (but usually only 1 or 2).
3. I also published non-music videos on Youtube but don't worry, i only charged my Patron for Music based videos only.
4. You can always stop being patron anytime you want.
5. Please don't force yourself to be my Patron. Be Patron only if you want to support me as musician and maybe only if you have some extra funds which you didn't know where to spend to :)

Your support means so much to me since making music and videos is all i do (besides i love it and i'm working for it). I also provide some exclusive content that i didn't post anywhere depends to which tier you choose.
I'll be really grateful to my patrons who allow me to have a reliable source of funding for things i love to do, covering my life expenses and brings joy to everyone in this world.. :)

86% complete
Will move to another residence where i could make project not only at night time. Thank you so much! :)
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