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About Melted Radio

Part art project, part alternative history of popular music, Melted Radio explores "the space between taste", a hazy zone where 60's psych & country co-exist peacefully alongside 80's synth, weirdo folk, and international pop hits.

DJ Both Josh, has been hosting, producing and curating Melted Radio since 2015 in Portland Oregon on XRAY FM ( Xray FM is a volunteer run, non profit, non corporate free form radio station. Support from Patreon subscribers will provide basic operational and material support for Melted Radio, allowing Both Josh to devote more time to expanding and improving all aspects of Melted Radio, improving the "Melted Music Library", finding special guests, staying inspired, healthy, and generally providing a groovy baseline income for a working artist and DJ. If you enjoy Melted Radio, please consider becoming a Melted subscriber today and supporting this program. Subscribers will receive special subscriber only digital mixes, merchandise, newsletter, comics and other fun monthly weirdness. Subscribe today!

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