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About meme.driver

Instagram Meme Page:

Help us grow our page by supporting us monetarily! This money will be put towards expanding the meme.driver community on Instagram as well as future projects from the meme.driver team.

Minecraft Server:

Help us get the server up and running, and keep it up and stable for absolutely anyone to join! Donating will provide us with the means necessary to keep the server running!

We plan on the server being semi-vanilla to near fully vanilla. It should be able to support at least 50 people online at a time.
We are broke high schools students who just want to play Minecraft with our awesome community, will you help?

Currently costs will go towards:
-Dedicated 24/7 hosting
-DDOS protection
-dedicated domain name:
$2 of $50 per month
This will allow us to buy a dedicated server from a reliable host, as well as buy a custom domain name for our server!
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