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About Memorylock

My name is Adam and “Memorylock” represents the culmination of my passions as an artist.

Initially, the appeal of artistic expression revealed itself to me as purely visual. I cut my teeth on traditional 2D Art, later Graphic Design and Video Art. It always felt like dipping a toe into a puddle, wishing it was deeper.

Music came later, born as a way of coping with my own isolation in a new, unfamiliar city. I decided to pursue music as a career after ultimately putting to rest any notion that I was going into computer programming.

I’ve found that the marriage of these two disciplines, Music and Art, is what really excites me. Nothing quite matches the feeling of seeing a truly realized vision in the Audio Visual space. Something tangible. Something real.

Charging headfirst into my idealistic passions revealed a lot to me about the nature of myself and other people. Over the years I’ve formed memories I can only hope to match and at the same time, those I wish I could forget.

Memorylock, then is me facing my fears. It’s me playing all my cards. Opening all the doors.

I’ve come to Patreon so that I can better consolidate and focus my artistic efforts.
At first I will be offering music in the way we’ve come to expect, but I hope to use this platform to deliver content in new and hopefully unexpected ways.
As a Patron you’ll be able to influence what kind of content I deliver. Some ideas I’ve had are as follows.
  • Commentary/Tutorial (Production Workflow, Inspiration, etc.)
  • Access to Early Demo’s
  • Exclusive Sample Packs
  • Artist Critique (you send me your stuff [music or design] and I’ll critique it! you decide whether it goes on video or not)
  • WIP updates
  • Collaboration Projects (this might take some vetting and would probably be an upper level tier type thing but I’m up for it)
**These are just ideas I’m working with but feel free to make suggestions. I’m interested in what you might think is worthy content worth subbing for.

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