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There is no reward for this tier. Just my utmost Thanks for helping me on my journey. Even the small amounts help. Thanks!!!!
Modded Genius
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This tier grants you access to my modded server. Right now we are playing Enigmatica 2 Expert Mode. Want to join? This is the way to do it. Once you sign up here join the discord ( ) I will get you in. Thank you for your support!!!




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Hi!!!! I am inspiring Youtuber. Maybe inspiring is not the right word.. it is something I do for fun. I enjoy playing video games and creating content videos. 99% of what I do on YouTube is Minecraft. Minecraft is one of those games that brings people together be it through videos or on servers. Making videos is not necessarily a inexpensive thing to do and so I am setting this up as a way to allow my followers to help out if they want to. It is not a requirement to do so and please do not feel that you have to. All money that I get from your donations goes back into the channel. Be it hardware and software needs... to helping pay for ant servers that we have or add.  Right now I only will have one reward tier  and that will grant you access to my Modded Minecraft server. Once I get some more feedback on what you guys would like to see as other reward tiers I will add some more. 

So THANK YOU!!!! for donating. 
And THANK YOU ALL for all the support you have given me along this journey of playing games with you. The watching the vids, liking the vids, and the comments. Interacting with you all is the most fun of all. Learning new things and new ways of doing things.

$20 of $100 per month
This goal will allow me to purchase a few things that I need for my setup that I don't have yet.
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