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In the online spreadsheet market, there are very few useful ones. Some of the tables have relatively simple features, can only display data and filter features, or some tables support multiple cell styles, but such enhancements need to be charged, and The price is high.
We are determined to make a spreadsheet with the richest features and the easiest to configure and use, empowering the enterprise reporting platform and data analysis platform, and building a data analysis community. Specifically, we provide an online editing table similar to excel, which includes cell styles, formulas, filtering, freezing and other features (For details, visit the official GitHub Luckysheet ). Common functions of excel are basically supported by us. Basic data analysis, display, and editing needs.

What's more convenient is that Luckysheet is a front-end table library written in pure javascript, which can be embedded in any front-end website or application to enhance the original system, instead of using excel or other complicated software for data processing. This allows our data processing, analysis, display, and storage to be completed by one system, without switching platforms, without switching systems, convenient for integration, and fully automated.

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