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This tier gives you access to a patreon-only channel and all the global past and upcoming blog updates here on Patreon.

You also gain access to polls to vote on what I work on next.

Whenever I start working on the GM Resources, you might as well get sneak-peeks on them if you're interested!

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Welcome to Menicea's Patreon page.

First of all, thank you for your interest! This page is still very much on its early stage as I initially planned to open it a bit later, so seeing anyone here is fantastic.

What is Menicea?

Lost somewhere in the ocean, Menicea is the land of Gérouns. Weakened by the age of war that just ended, its inhabitants now seek their place in a world populated by races considerably more developed than them.

At the same time that scientific and technologic discoveries are made, mysteries and questions emerge before quickly becoming taboo. Many people think that the prosperity and happiness of the Meniceans lie on untold truths, but only a few dares to talk about it.

How far do you know about what's happening here? What will you learn? Most importantly, what will you do?

Do you plan to publish anything?

I do. This is still a very long-term goal, but I would love to publish a TTRPG setting book to start with. I do not develop a TTRPG ruleset/system yet, but this might come into the To-Do-List if I can get people interested with the universe.

Why Patreon?

Art, mostly art. Your support will directly fund art commissions for the lore as a whole and make me able to hire talented artists to create official Menicea art: illustrations, logo...
If things get crazy, I would love to go full time on writing! Who knows?

What rewards do we get?

For now, rewards are mostly sneak-peeks and access to polls. I do not want to open any larger slots before I am done with the Player Resources.

The Player Resources are basically all the lore that any player can know without it being game-breaking. This includes culture, locations, geography, famous characters...

On the other hand, the Game-Master resources will contain all that's needed to run a game about Menicea's core intrigue. I will provide many layers of information that should allow you to create plots on many levels (personal, local, regional, worldwide...).

Make sure to join us on discord, you are welcomed whether you plan on backing the project or not!

Also, feel free to give Menicea's World Anvil Page a look!
$24.22 of $100 per month
Vinnien plente!

Reaching this first goal means that at least some people are interested, and mean the world to me. ♥ This will also make me able to start commissioning art on a monthly basis.

From there, I will sit down and think about where to aim next!
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