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Not ready to attract the women you deserve to date or live the life you want to live, but curious how it's done?

Join this tier for basic benefits from myself and aspiring Menshrine Masters belonging to higher membership tiers.

This is an introductory rate. I highly recommend joining Game Room ELITE for a chance to be grandfathered into the inaugural class (as determined by community members) of Menshrine Mastery once I finish funding and completing the comprehensive coaching + course + community platform, to be released as the Menshrine Mission. 

If taking control of your dating and physical life is still not a priority, this introductory tier is for you.
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Want to see what stepping up your game and designing your dream life is all about? 

Join this tier to get a real-time glimpse into aspiring Menshrine Masters actively becoming the men they're meant to be.

This tier is being offered at an introductory rate. Eventually, there will only be a single Game Room, likely at the current Game Room ELITE price point. I recommend joining Game Room ELITE for a chance to be grandfathered into the inaugural Menshrine Mastery class as I finish the build of a comprehensive coaching + courses platform to be released as the Menshrine Mission.

If you're a DIYer looking for how personal transformations are done in real-time, this tier is for you.
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Ready to roll with winners who are committed to building lives worth living and loving?

Join this tier for UNLIMITED access to myself and other aspiring Menshrine Masters in the private Menshrine community.

If you want a community of men seeking to define and refine the tools, tricks, philosophy and framework required to level up in life, this tier is for you!

You, along with like-minded men, will:
  • Develop a personal framework to finally unf*ck and free yourself
  • Improve both your online and real life dating experiences
  • Swap and share dating notes, stories and field reports
  • Track fat to fit transformation experiences
  • Create a captivating digital personal brand

  • Refuse to let go of self-limiting beliefs and take control of your life
  • Are not ready to create your own game plan and stick to it
  • Blame women for your lack of love and genuine burning desire
  • Lack maturity to explore serious topics not suitable for mediocre men
  • Think other members are going to do the work for you

Members of this community are strongly encouraged to hold each other accountable along their own personal journey and engage one another from a place of authenticity, honesty, and respect. 

NOTE: If you're still not serious about actively striving to become better in every aspect of your life and seriously updating your game, please sign up for a lower level tier. You can upgrade at any time, although prices will increase along with demand.

This group is being offered at an introductory rate. Eventually, only one Game Room will be offered at this price point. New members currently at this tier may be grandfathered into the Menshrine Mastery inaugural class (as determined by the community) as I'm able to finance, build and launch a comprehensive course + coaching platform to be released as the Menshrine Mission. 

So stop being a fly on the wall while others are out having all the fun. Join the Game Room Elite today and let's grow together! You'll be glad you did...
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Join for masculine mindset mastery, defining and developing a perfect physique, optimizing your online dating experience, cultivating your creativity, exploring human sexuality, finding financial freedom and fun!

I am happy, healthy, fun, fit and balanced in every aspect of my life. Dating woes, debt and depression are a thing of the past. But, it’s been a long road to get here. Let me share the tools, philosophy and framework I’ve structured during my own transformation to help you along your own journey.

Here's the easiest way to reach me:

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When I have 100 people in the Game Room, I will hire two full-time marketing assistants to clip, edit and release multiple daily shorts to increase brand awareness of my mission. 

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