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About Mental Sweet Spot

We want to provide more 



Now you can help us do that!

Many Sweet Spotters (who fully believe in the mental game) are still not implementing it as much as they'd like to, yet.

- They're still learning how to coach the mental game daily
- There are a million other coaching things taking their focus & energy
- It's not easy to do with 10-20 players who all need different things!

The key word is YET.

We KNOW they'll get there because Sweet Spotters are passionate and committed to helping their players grow.

We also know because we've been there too!

So that got us thinking: how did Alicia and I get to the point where we can easily teach mental skills every day?

We got here by...

- Learning from others
- Getting better at all the other things to clear more time & energy
- Getting specific feedback for individual players

We want to give this to our people :)

And now we can, with Patreon!

With a monthly donation (that costs less than a typical snack bar run), you can become an All-Star Sweet Spotter, get our eternal appreciation and some bonuses in return!

In a nutshell, here's what's could happen:

Support Mental Sweet Spot > Receive massive virtual high five > Get more resources for coaching > Make an even bigger impact on your girls!

You in?!

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