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VIP's: Homage to the (Granny) Square
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Don't join before SEPTEMBER 1st or you'll pay for a whole extra month!

I’ll be kick starting my online crochet courses with the hugely popular ‘Homage to the (Granny) Square’ this September.

This course has been running in a number of local yarn shops in the UK since April 2018 and I'm delighted to be able to offer it now to the online community. It's perfect if you can do the basics and are looking for a beautiful new crochet project.

"This is the most glorious course....I urge anyone to sign up who would like to explore colour, crochet and joy with a truly fabulous won't regret it."  Kathy

Over 6 months you'll create a beautiful, and unique crochet blanket whilst learning new skills and developing your crochet and colour confidence. Regular tutorials in the form of detailed PDF's and video tutorials will guide you through every stage of this project from choosing your colours, working a wide range of crochet stitches and tips on how to achieve a professional finish.
£20 per month for 6 months will grant you access to all the tutorial materials plus live group Q&A sessions.

This course will begin on Tuesday 7th September 2020 and end on Sunday February 28th 2021.
Enrolment can take place any time between 1st and 30th September. Entry will be closed at the end of September.

This programme will begin with a series of colour workshops and activities designed to help you with your colour choices.

Homage to the (Granny) Square: Online Course includes
  • All of the Tier 1 Patron benefits
  •  Colour theory activities, advice on selecting colours and how to achieve jaw dropping results.
  • Progressive learning from simple granny squares to a more complex floral design.
  • Detailed patterns including clear stitch diagrams and written instructions using British Terminology for 10 beautiful crochet squares.
  • Clear instructional videos
  • Guidance on joining and finishing
  • Access to live Q&A sessions per month

"If you're thinking of joining Sue for the Online Homage.....go for it! Sue has been a wonderfully supportive, encouraging, inspiring, kind, positive, thoughtful and more tutor. She's also a colour diva! Do I need to say more...." Jane
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Work-in-progress updates (digital)
  • Digital downloads
  • Video tutorials & lessons
  • Group Live Q&As


Hi,  I’m Sue Maton. I'm an independent textile designer and teacher currently obsessed by crochet and I work under the brand name: The Mercerie.

My mission is to make beautiful textiles that deserve a place in the world, and to share the process with other people who also want to make beautiful things.

For me a design is brought to life when I share it with others. It's the conversations around it, watching it take on new identities as more people engage with it, rework it, play with it, and make it their own. It's this dynamic group engagement that's my end game - not just the act of making a product and writing a pattern for it.

I'd like to help you make something amazing. Something that reflects your creative soul and feeds your desire to go beyond the ordinary.

An indie life is a precarious one and teaching enables me to exist. Patreon lets you make donations directly to artists, makers and creators. Your donations and subscriptions will allow me to stop navel gazing and share my passionate obsessions with you.
It's also the perfect platform for launching my online courses.

You may already be familiar with my free online course Crojoretro, which was my lockdown gift to the online crafting community and I'd love to be able to do something similar again in the future. With the support of a generous group of patrons this could be possible.

Running courses financially supports my creative work and enables me to do the best work I can - which in turn means I can help you to make more beautiful things.
This is a new venture for me; as I make the transition from real life to online teaching my Patreon page will grow and evolve, and I'm very excited to be able to reach out to you, wherever in the world you are.

So here's how it works....

If you've enjoyed watching the development of Crojoretro,  and you're an amazingly kind and generous person, you might like to become my Patron and actively support my creative work through a small, but generous, monthly contribution. 

*£3 a month might not be much to you - but it means the world to me! Your donation will directly support my creative work, which I hope will give you a warm fuzzy feeling, and for the curious types amongst you I'll share the occasional 'behind the scenes' post so you can eavesdrop on the banalities and frivolities of my life as a crochet designer.

TIER 2: VIP's: Homage to the (Granny) Square
I'm delighted to offer you the opportunity to take part in my courses from the comfort of your own home and 
I'm kick starting my online crochet courses with the hugely popular  ‘Homage to the (Granny) Square’.

Over 6 months you'll receive regular tutorials in the form of detailed PDF's and videos which will guide you through every stage of this project starting with colour theory and how to choose your colours.
*£20 per month for 6 months will grant you access to all the tutorials plus live group Q&A sessions every month.

*Additional taxes may be added depending on your location

100% complete
If I can reach my target I'll make Wallflowers my next online course!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts

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