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About Merchant Creek Mining Company

Join the Adventure! Merchant Creek Mining Company is excited to be entering the TV market with exciting, informative, and family friendly entertainment! Since last year (2018) we’ve busy developing content and the technology necessary for delivery to a global television viewing audience. We’re there! We are on Roku with our own channel! While it’s currently private as we continue to develop and source content out soft target launch date is 10/15/2019. Throughout the fall and winter season we will be providing cast bios, sneak peaks, scenes from the 2018 and 2019 gold mining season and more as we build our viewing audience in preparation for the 2020 season Spring Launch!

And we are now offering a great opportunity for supporters to be a part of the MCM TV team! We travel North America and also film action and adventure from our own mining claims to create a fun and authentic reality style show about small gold miners and prospectors, metal detectorists, and treasure hunters from around the country. Our fans and viewers get a first hand look and can feel like they are part of the lives of out cast as they go about their ambitions to strike it rich, or find the treasure or artifact of a lifetime! It’s truly an entertaining, fun, and inside look into individual and small operations and the lives they lead while hoping for the next “Big Find.” You won’t want to miss a minute of the show as the cast invites you into their lives!

Sure, there are other reality type show out there. Most of them focus on the big mine operations and large scale mining and treasure hunting groups. We’re different! We focus on smaller individual or group sized gold prospecting, mining, and treasure hunting ventures. From individual earning part of the living with a single gold pan to small mechanized operations and detectorists and treasure hunters sharing their finds every episode is something new! Giving them exposure to developing their presence, telling their stories, sharing talents, and so much more is key! We’ve created a niche style reality tv/documentary style program that is sure to appeal to a wide variety of viewers. We’d like you to be a part of the journey as well!

When you become a Patron at any level we consider you part of our team! We welcome your thoughts and ideas for the shows we offer. A variety of Patron levels gives each Patron something unique from inside news and information to membership first views, unseen content, and on up to being listed as a Producer or Sponsor, or a small vial of collectible gold flakes or nuggets delivered to your doorstep!

The video introduction is a brief look at some of the areas we film, what we find, and the things that can happen. It was completed as a short "sneak peak" type trailer for the 2019 gold mining season before we had the TV Channel. Obviously we are currently working with our new cast members to develop bios, new "sneak peaks, and trailers for the 2020 season in a much more detailed fashion.

We’ve covered all the technology and development costs and you Patronage helps cover the cost of production and expenses for filming and preparing each episode for TV.

Thank you in advance for considering and becoming a Merchant Creek Mining Company TV Patron!

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