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You are amazing! Thank you for your support c:
If you think 1 bit is too little for support, this is not true. Every bit counts. Imagine 1000 people joining this tier :O
If you still think it's too little, you can always make a custom $2 or $3 pledge or go with higher tiers.

You also get:
  • Access to all finished artwork
  • 2 vote points
  • Cutie patron role on Discord

(Vote points are used in polls. A character with the most points wins in the poll)
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You are cuter than a dozen little bunnies! :3

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You are cuter than a hundred red pandas! :3
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Welcome to my Patreon


For safety reasons all content is being posted on our private Discord server. You will have to join to be able to access exclusive artwork. I apologize for the possible inconvenience.
Once your pledge goes through, you will be invited (or even added) to the server automatically. Make sure you connected your Discord account to your Patreon account.


Charging upfront! 

Make sure it's the 2-7-ish day of the month before pledging, so you don't get charged twice in a short amount of time. I care about you <3


Hello there C:

This Patreon page was made to give my fans an opportunity to support me. This support is going to result in increasing the frequency at which I make lewd pics! More support = more horse butts, and other sexy stuff. 

About me 
I am Mercurial64, where number 64 is just my lucky number, which also represents my nerdiness within me; I am a programmer at heart.
What the heck am I? Just some artist that loves drawing cute and sexy stuff. I started creating pony art at the end of 2017, and I got hooked.
The only thing that slows me down is the fact that I need to pay bloody bills and also eat. Turns out, living isn't free ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ That's why I need your support, my cuties. With enough of it, I'll be able to cut down the time I spend chasing money and add it to my free time when I make equine lewds!
As support grows I'll be able to learn such stuff as animation too. Pony lewds coming to life, isn't it great? There can also be comics. Possibly. Maybe.

If you want to support me but really low on funds, that's okay! You can go for the lowest tier of $1 or just give a follow, every bit helps. As long as you love my art, I am happy.


The benefits of becoming a Patron:

Be first
Patreon exclusive artwork is available to you here a month-two before anywhere else.

$4 tiers and higher have access to work-in-progress material. Know what's coming ahead.

Vote for your favorite characters for me to draw! The higher your tier is, the more your vote makes difference.

Reaching goals
Reaching goals increases the amount of art I make at the same quality or even better.

If I get my financial troubles out of the way, I will be able to dedicate more time to improving and learning, to make even more amazing art for everyone.

You all going to receive my love and appreciation. You will be credited on Twitter at the end of each month.  

For my biggest supporters: Get a free sketch every month!

We also have a Discord server for Patrons only, where cuties can vote for characters that they would like me to draw and discuss different stuff with me. And also other benefits might be added to patron tiers, such as early access and extra material. Have a look at the goals, to find out what is going to happen next.
If your lifetime pledge is $20 or above, you may stay in the server even if you decide to delete your pledge (no access to Patreon art though).



$700.93 of $800 per month
Frame by frame animation on a regular basis :D
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