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About Sarah Horrocks

Hey, so this is Sarah.  If you're here, hopefully it's because you like some of the shit that I do, in which case: cool.  If you don't know anything about me, and you somehow ended up here, I make comics,  I write about comics, and kind of I do a lot of different things adjacent to those skill sets.  I like to do these things involving as few middlemen as possible.  I like putting my comics, and my writing, directly into people's faces.  The upside of that is speed.  And like...not having to explain shit, just doing it.  The downside is that it's a grind making any kind of money that way.  As a trans woman I've always kind of seen art and writing as a way for me to force the world to reckon with me, when they'd really rather not.  I'm probably never going to get hired to work a normal job that will get me above the poverty line.  But with art and writing, I can kick in doors kinda. 

So if you'd like to help support me having the fanciest foot possible to kick in that door, by all means give here.  In return, I'm interested in using Patreon as a way to better share the totality of what I do.  Besides sharing full comic pages for my next book, Goro, that I usually just crop on social media, I will also be using the service as a platform to write about comics, movies, and non- comic books.  Some of the stuff I write will end up getting put out to the wider world, but you'll see it here first, and sometimes you might be the only one to see it.  I think as things are right now, unless you are awake and using Facebook, twitter, and Instagram all around the same weird hours I keep, you can easily miss half of what I'm up to.  So this is the best way to kind of comprehensively take in all of the things I'm doing or thinking.

And obviously anything you give is amazing, and if things go really well, the bare minimum is I'll be making comics a lot faster--but as for the possibilities after that, who knows.  I'm intrested to find out.

So yeah.  Do what you gotta.

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I'll quit the part time job and work on comics full time.
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