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About Messy Ever After

Welcome to my Patreon, where you can give me money. I'm not sure if you know this about me since I chose to pursue art as a career, but I do like money...

Hi, I am Kelly and I am a full time artist, and part time writer/creative consultant. I do a bunch of things to make this creative career work. As with many creators, I do a lot of free things with the hope it will either a.) lead to money eventually or b.) will help others live a more creatively fulfilling life. 

If you are here, then you might have found value in the things I do. Most likely through my blog postsInstagram, or YouTube. I love to help other artists succeed, so I am not shy about sharing the supplies I use, and the things I have learned to find more exposure for my work. You got questions? I'm happy to answer them and I probably have already answered them in a blog post. 

If you have gained anything at all from the work or advice I put into the world, consider becoming a patron of mine. If you regularly read the blogs that I publish to help other artists, you can help put an actual dollar value on that work. I will continue to publish content for free. Your patronage is optional and appreciated, and makes the countless hours I've spent writing blog posts feel like a good use of my time. 

The funny thing about patronage through Patreon is that additional rewards are an incentive to give me money, but I'd like to keep focus on the content I'm already creating for free rather than offer extra rewards or promise future work. (*shakes fist in the air* I'm only a mere human woman! Not a machine!) I've learned my creative process--and occasionally mental health--suffers when I promise work in the future on top of the work that pulls my focus. Thus, my rewards and perks will be incredibly limited for efficiency, creative evolution, and sanity. 

If you want to make a one time "Hey, this blog post was super helpful. I want to pay you for it" donation, then throw some cash my way on Paypal. Easy peasy. (I love you for even thinking that.) There are also a few other ways you can support me off Patreon. But, if my rewards sound cool to you, or you just want to send $12 a year my way through my lowest tier just for kicks, consider becoming a long time patron to pay for work I have already created while getting little perks like: 

-My never ending gratitude.
-Original art phone wallpapers (New and old!)
-Discounts in my store. Original art isn't cheap, coupons help.
-Maybe more--like printable coloring pages? Who knows! I don't. Set expectations low and you'll leave room for pleasant surprises! 

Check out my reward tiers and see what you think. (If you want your pledge to have a bigger impact after Patreon fees, I suggest starting with the $2 tier.)

Thanks for being here! Thanks for thinking about giving me money. I like money. It pays bills, and I really do like having a heated home during Minnesota winters. ❄ 

I love you. You are awesome. Patron or not. 

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The Little Artist That Could

We've all got to start somewhere! 
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