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Elizabeths are amazing! Although a small piece of the story, Elizabeth is important to Ciel! You will be in the credits at the end of each story!

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Thank you SO much for being a Claude! Not only will you be put in credits, but you will be allowed a peek at the first Chapter of a new work before everyone else!

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OMG!!!! Thank YOU!!!! Mey-Rins will have FULL access to a story before it comes out AND be able to request first tier personalized stories! (MSG me for any questions!)




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About messynessie's fanfiction

Hello everyone! My name is messynessie and I make Black Butler fanfiction! I've been doing it for a good couple of years and have recently re- invested into it. Making fanfiction has been difficult lately because of daily responsibilities such as work and school, which is why I've decided to pair up with Patreon and Venmo so that my beloved fans can invest into my work so that I can further invest into my fanfiction, resulting in better, longer and more engaging stories! Thank you a billion for your support and for considering my Patreon!