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As a Booster, you'll get your weekly tachyons doubled to 20 per week with a doubled cap at 100. This makes it easy to regularly compare yourself to other players, to reveal the Metaculus prediction for open questions, or to quickly purchase higher-level powers if you're still a Metaculus neophyte. You'll also get a badge next to your name in the Metaculus comments so that you can proudly show your Metaculus support.

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As an Altruist, you'll get a vote in how we prioritize our upcoming questions and question series. We need at least 10 altruists to form a quorum, so encourage others to join!

Also includes:

  • Doubled weekly tachyons
  • Enhanced supporter badge in the Metaculus comments
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Effective Altruists get a vote in how we prioritize our upcoming Metaculus site features. We can't promise to implement all of the features that our patrons want, but we can promise to listen carefully and prioritize those features that are most sought after.

Also includes:

  • Tripled weekly tachyons
  • Enhanced supporter badge in the Metaculus comments
  • Votes in prioritizing questions and question series



About Metaculus

No doubt you have been treated to many articles and lists of predictions for 2019, chock full of vague, unverifiable, and unaccountable assertions. But if you really want to know — or at least think carefully about — what’s (probably) going to happen, you know to go to Metaculus.

In 2019 we hope to improve on what you already love about Metaculus, while offering new features, additional tools for tracking your progress, and further avenues for competing with the internet's smartest prediction community. Your support can help make this happen. Metaculus currently runs on a shoestring seed budget and needs support from those who value accurate and accountable predictions to survive and grow. We’ll never serve ads, sneakily sell your data, and so on. But we do have expenses.

With a recurring donation, you'll not only be awarded bragging rights and special perks on-site. You'll also help to ensure we're able to develop the platform further and continually attract the sharpest prognosticators from around the world.

Here's to another great year of predicting catastrophes, cosmological events, and technological innovations both utopic and dystopic!

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