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About MetaGamerScore

Thank you for showing an interest in supporting our gaming community!

Running Meta Gamer Score - although wildly awarding and exciting - isn't cost free. Being a member of the Meta Gamer Score community is free. But reality is that for us developing the site, cloud services and whatnots do have a monetary impact.

While we do run ads, we want to run them in a very unintrusive way so that the user can focus on the actual site as much as possible. Also a lot of gamers run ad-blockers. As a result, this is not feasible as a way of financing the site.

Our estimated cost per month is $145, so reaching this goal would mean that the site is no longer a negative expense for us, which is obviously a good starting point. Over the top dream goal is $10,000 per month, which would mean we would be able to hire a full-time programmer to greatly accelerate the development.

As a patron you would be helping us keeping the site up and evolving. And your good deeds won't go unnoticed. As a token of our appreciation we want to give something extra back to you.

If you find this a good cause, please choose your contribution and reward on the right. Then head over back to Meta Gamer Score and continue being awesome!

About MetaGamerScore:
The purpose of MetaGamerScore is to create a greater sense of purpose for gaming. By combining the achievement systems of as many platforms as we can, we aim to make sure that everything you do in any game counts towards a total, persistent metascore.

We currently support achievements from Steam, GOG, World of Warcraft,Playstation Network, Xbox Live, StarCraft II, theHunter, SealHunter, Final Fantasy XIV, QuakeLive, Kongregate,RetroAchievements, League of Legends (powered by Poro Laboratories), Newgrounds, Sporcle, Extra Life, Medal of Honor, Guild Wars 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 3.

If you're still curious and haven't checked out the page yet - head over to and let the site do the rest of the talking.
$203.50 of $205 per month
Faster back-end. At this point, it becomes feasible to start threading the back-end in order to perform multiple scanning tasks simultaneously. This should yield a site-wide improvement in terms of scanning frequency etc.
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