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You're Officially A MetaNerd!  

If just a fraction of our viewers gave just $1 it would help defend against the frequent attacks on our income via YouTube’s ever-changing ad policy. Copyright claims. 


  • Your name will appear at the end of every video. 

  •  Access to Patreon exclusive content daily including polls and behind the scenes stuff.  

  • Adblock's okay. I did it too before I started creating. 
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Keeps the channel running, but also gets a few more perks.  Also, includes all previous perks. 



  • Instantly get a $5 off coupon for any MetaNerdz merch! 

  • You will be able to submit a request for a Patreon chosen video topic. At least 1 Patreon suggested video will be guaranteed every month. 

  • This is the chance to recommend some really obscure, super detailed niche video.
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 All the rewards of the previous tier, plus merch. 


  • Complete merch package of all the MetaNerdz stickers, including the Gonk stickers.

  • Limited edition trading cards while supplies last. (we will send old ones until we run out, but if you are in this tier when we print them you are guaranteed one.)

  • Event specific convention merch as well.




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About MetaNerdz

We made it to 110k SUBSCRIBERS! We love you guys and are working hard to get to all of your video suggestions, and to all those amazing comments

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What your donations HAVE done.
  • We started with just simple free software, but now we are paying for the full Adobe Creative suite. Starting in 2019 expect videos with all kinds of upgraded video effects and graphics. 
  • We bought the background music. It was a search that I have been slowly working on since we made the channel, but after countless attempts with free music and effects, we found a company that sells the use of the background music you now hear in the videos. No copyright worries. 
  • Now we have access to tons of stock footage. That may not sound like a big deal, but channels like Issac Arthur use stock footage to make the videos crisp and engaging, and I actually saw some of the clips he uses so I knew we found a good website to work with. 

What your donation CAN do.
  • Help us keep going FULL TIME! We have been able to make the jump so that I (Freddy) can do this full time, leaving my job as a teacher. But bills are real, and each video takes about 12 hours to make. We love it, but before we started YouTube we never realized videos took this long to make, and we thought maybe our subscribers don't either. This also doesn't account for all the other stuff like comments, and maintenance. 

  • Make More Cosplays and Props! Creating whole suits of armor can take weeks, and even just a repaint of a toy guy could take a whole work day. You can see how working this into the schedule above is very difficult. Again, when your doing something you love it makes it so you can work longer hours, but you can't change the fabric of the space-time continuum(yet), sooooo there are only 24 hours a day. 

  • More Giveaways! We have already done a couple of giveaways, and we would love to able to afford starting more projects, and giveaway stuff like props, games, books, and all kinds of other stuff.
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X-Wing, Armada, Podcast, and Empire at War & Battlefront 2 Let's Plays with Patreon exclusives!

We can start streaming X-Wing, Armada, and/or EAW if you guys wanted, as well as at least one of our longer for podcast style videos a month that would be exclusive to Patreon.
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